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Nintendo may have accidentally just confirmed ‘Fortnite’ for Switch

12 June 2018

We are curious if Fortnite would be one of the Nintendo Switch titles to feature cross-platform play, with Rocket League and soon Minecraft supporting cross-network play with Xbox One and PC gamers.

During a Nintendo Direct in March, Nintendo officially announced a new Super Smash Bros. game for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo will be prominently showing off the new "Super Smash Bros." game next week during E3 2018 and it has even set up an invitational competition for it. Still, no one can blame the fans who are hoping that the much-awaited announcement will happen at E3 2018, taking place on June 12 through 14. Heading into the release of the Nintendo Switch, the Wii U was a massive failure.

The recent information almost confirms that there will be a Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch.

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Amazon told Gizmodo it completed its own audit of the Foxconn manufacturing plant in March and found "two issues of concern". Meanwhile, Foxconn "works hard to comply with all relevant laws and regulations", according to the same Reuters report.

Freedom Planet is a 2D platform video game that has been around for 4 years already. Nintendo had previously said back in March that they were going to make changes to the storefront before the catalogue became too cluttered. Either way, we anticipate this being a big release-one of the most popular games on the planet (at the moment) is about to collide with arguably the hottest console. The game updates its cosmetics very often, giving players a number of skins and emotes to choose from. Following that, a successful Kickstarter ended up with the full game releasing on Steam in 2014.

All that remains now is to see how well the Switch can handle Fortnite, the iOS version is impressive but not ideal, so if the Switch can do better it will surely become the de facto portable version of the game. At this point, the real question is whether or not the game will launch during E3 2018, or if it won't be ready until later this year.

Nintendo may have accidentally just confirmed ‘Fortnite’ for Switch