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Net neutrality repeal takes effect Monday

12 June 2018

"It's entirely possible that internet ervice providers have started to do this in anticipation of today's new rules", said Portney. They don't want their broadband providers blocking websites or censoring content, and this agency gave broadband providers the legal right to do so.

Several states are rushing to pass new net neutrality laws to replace the FCC rules.

It's official. The Federal Communications Commission's repeal of net neutrality protections takes effect today.

Critics say service providers now have too much control over online content.

Net neutrality is now officially a thing of the past. We still don't and won't block, throttle or discriminate against lawful content. The idea was that all Internet traffic should be treated equally by broadband providers. For consumers at home, it's still unclear how and whether this will affect your internet speeds.

The rollback of net neutrality has begun. That order has now gone into effect, which means the net neutrality rules have been canceled.

"Now, on June 11, these unnecessary and harmful Internet regulations will be repealed and the bipartisan, light-touch approach that served the online world well for almost 20 years will be restored", FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement Thursday.

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Net neutrality is no longer the law of the land.

The FCC voted to repeal the restrictions in December.

If net neutrality is lost, internet service providers (ISPs) like AT&T and Verizon could create special "fast lanes" for content providers willing to pay more. To commemorate the occasion, FCC chairman Ajit Pai - the man mainly responsible for the repeal of Net Neutrality - penned an op-ed piece for CNET in which he champions the dissolution of internet regulations. Nine in 10 American households use the internet, according to Pew Research Center, for everything from researching recipes, communicating with friends and family by marking themselves "safe" on Facebook or Googling symptoms of a medical issue to see whether a trip to the emergency room is needed.

Some Congressional Democrats are seeking a repeal of their own, the overturning of the 2017 order that ends the 2015 rules.

"Consumers won't notice the shift at first, but over time the internet will become unrecognizable", she said. In reality, the FTC will only be able to enforce a company's own terms and conditions, which won't do anything to stop the spread of paid fast lanes, zero-rating, or anti-competitive behavior across the industry. If House net neutrality supporters can get those last votes, which is unlikely, the decision would still need to be signed by President Trump who is expected to veto it if it ever came to that. Almost two dozen states and several companies have sued the government to try and preserve the rules.

Washington and OR have gone farther, and passed laws that require all ISPs within their borders to offer net neutrality protections.

Net neutrality repeal takes effect Monday