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Fallout 76 is entirely online, has dedicated servers, can be played solo

12 June 2018

According to Howard, Fallout Shelter has been played by over 120 million people, saying that's "more people than every game we have made combined". That is, after he teased a Skyrim Alexa Edition which, honestly, looked pretty great. Fallout Shelter is a simulation game where players strive to build and manage their very own vault.

The trailer showed dwellers from a control vault beginning to explore the wasteland as a form of prequel to the existing games in the series.

Now we know much more about the game.

Bethesda also said that Fallout 76 will be four times larger than Fallout 4 and still offer building options with new items added to the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform (C.A.M.P). There must be a reason all the insane monsters we see aren't in Fallout 3, which is relatively close by geographically. As previously rumoured, Fallout 76 will expand on Fallout 4's settlements feature, allowing you to cobble together your own safe haven. "We will not be able to do that at launch though".

You'll find yourself in West Virginia in 2102, with a vast wasteland to conquer, and a wide array of monsters and other threats to contend with.

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EA also revealed during EA Play 2018 that the game would feature a female character, which caused some controversy from some fans. Quake Champions hypes the game at the Bethesda E3 2018 Showcase by announcing a free to play week for everyone.

Watch the official trailer for Fallout 76, arriving worldwide November 14, 2018.

You play as one of Earth's "best and brightest", kept safe in Vault 76 so that you could help rebuild America by exploring West Virginia. Typically, a beta occurs a month or two before release, so expect a Fallout 76 beta some time in September or October.

"This physical, fully-colorized 21" x 21" glow in the dark vintage map showcases the six distinct regions of West Virginia complete with irradiated landmarks, towns, and wildlife.

Like previous Fallout collector's editions, it's not cheap.

Or, alternatively, you could get the Fallout 76 Power Armour Edition, priced $199.

Fallout 76 is entirely online, has dedicated servers, can be played solo