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E3 Trailer: Ubisoft Space Opera ‘Beyond Good and Evil 2’

12 June 2018

With the prequel for 2003's Beyond Good & Evil having been stuck in development hell for over a decade, telltale signs of its release have kept the embers of hope glowing for fans of the cult classic, and at E3, Ubisoft has deemed that the time is right to share another trailer with us. The crew then faced off against a woman that Pey'j identified as Jade, the main character from the original Beyond Good & Evil.

An invitation to collaborate went live Monday on the website of Gordon-Levitt's Hit Record, with the first project being to make music that one might hear on a space pirate radio station in Ubisoft's "Beyond Good and Evil 2", a science fiction shooter crafted to be a space opera. Audiences got a look at a crew that will likely be a major part of the new game and, at the end, a new character makes her first appearance.

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No gameplay was shown, but the game will have a demo at E3. An open community of testers called the Space Monkey Program has been actively providing feedback to developers for the past year. Artists will be able to use HitRecord to create and submit assets that could potentially be featured in Beyond Good and Evil 2.

During the conference, Ubisoft also revealed the developing game features art crowdfunded with help from Inception actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his organization called HitRECord. The game promises solo and co-op multiplayer in a "vast and seamless online playground", which will take place in a new solar system.

E3 Trailer: Ubisoft Space Opera ‘Beyond Good and Evil 2’