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Trump withdraws endorsement of G7 joint statement, slams 'weak' Trudeau

11 June 2018

In response to Trudeau's news conference, Trump shot back on June 9 - once again, he was likely aboard the presidential aircraft - "Based on Justin's false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!" The president, as is his wont, took to Twitter.

In a tweet posted Saturday evening, Trump said his decision was based on "false statements" made by Trudeau during a press conference he gave, as well as "the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs" on US companies.

People on both sides of the world's longest border were shocked.

There was plenty of bluster before and after the summit, then-but very little of it during the actual event.

Just days after POTUS slammed rumors that first lady Melania Trump's 26-day absence from the public eye was facelift-related, a new conspiracy theory merging the worlds of politics and beauty has gripped the internet.

He added that Trump "is not going to let a Canadian prime minister push him around ... on the eve of this - he is not going to permit any show of weakness on a trip to negotiate with North Korea". Who knows what was actually being said at that moment? Trump asked after the reporter finished his question. "I figured. Fake News CNN".

"I have made it clear to [President Trump] that it is not something we relish doing, but it is something that we absolutely will do", Trudeau said.

He also said relationships with his G7 partners were a "10" before he left.

Fox News Host Apologizes After Accidentally Calling Trump A 'Dictator'
While Scaramucci didn't seem to give a nod to Huntsman's accidental shade, a whole lot of people on Twitter noticed the moment. Fox News host Abby Huntsman has apologized - again - for calling the North Korea summit a meeting of " two dictators ".

The European leader-famed for negotiating compromise without political histrionics-gave an uncharacteristically candid and combative assessment of relations with Trump as she spoke to German channel ARD, after last week's G-7 summit. They didn't tell you that, did they?

What did Donald, Angela, Emmanuel, Justin, and the rest of gang accomplish, then, when they briefly set aside the bombast aimed, of course, not at their colleagues but their voters back home?

"Right now, the president is actually driving our allies away from us as we need them even more, while welcoming in the Russians", Markey said on CBS's "Face the Nation".

When I left Quebec all the talk was there would be no agreement. There's too much at stake to do it any other way-the risk being to reputations, not to anything as grandiose and unlikely as world peace.

The US president, who is in Singapore for a landmark summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, tweeted on Monday that America was paying disproportionately more towards the costs of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) than fellow members.

Trump took the second such comment, made in a news conference after the Quebec meeting, badly.

Tusk's comments came shortly after President Trump's trade adviser Peter Navarro said there was a "special place in hell" for leaders who betrayed Trump.

Trump appeared to acquiesce to Merkel and other leaders' positions, as the G-7 issued a joint statement to uphold "free, fair, and mutually beneficial trade" at the end of the two-day summit.

Trump withdraws endorsement of G7 joint statement, slams 'weak' Trudeau