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Yellowstone bison gores Bay Area woman

10 June 2018

The superintendent of Yellowstone National Park said on Thursday he was being forced from his post after disagreeing with the Trump administration over management of the park's famed bison herd.

Hancock and a crowd of people approached within 10 yards of the bison while walking along a boardwalk.

Park officials said that, at one point, people were less than 15 feet from the bison.

The bison left the area right after.

Rangers responded to the incident and treated Hancock for a hip injury.

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She was taken by ambulance to a Montana hotel and was in good condition.

The incident, which is still under investigation, is the second time this year that a visitor to Yellowstone has been injured by a bison. He said he was informed this week by National Park Service Acting Director Paul "Dan" Smith that a new superintendent will be in place in August and that Wenk will be gone by then.

The numbers are in: We saw the highest Yellowstone May visitation numbers ever in 2018, which will undoubtedly lead to more discussions of how best to handle increasingly larger crowds in America's first national park. Park officials aren't sure if it was the same elk.

Despite stretches of inclement late spring weather, Yellowstone announced that it just experienced the busiest May in the history of the 146-year-old national park. Critics say numerous reassignments appear to be motivated by politics, sweeping aside those who disagree with the administration on issues such as climate change, wildlife management, and wilderness preservation. The statement noted that people should keep a distance of roughly 75 feet at least from certain animals including bison and elk, and stay even further away from bears and wolves.

"I'm feeling like I devoted 43 years of my life, I think I have a record of achievement with the National Park Service that at the end of the day doesn't matter and that I'm no longer wanted at Yellowstone National Park", he said in an interview with Yellowstone Public Radio. In 2017, there was only one incident at Yellowstone of a visitor being injured by a bison while 2015 saw five such incidents.

Yellowstone bison gores Bay Area woman