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Yahoo Messenger is shutting down this July

10 June 2018

Thus, on July 17, 2018, when it's scheduled to be put down, it will be exactly 20 years, 4 months, and 8 days old. Now, the current owner of the messaging service, Oath, a subsidiary of telecom giant Verizon has asked its customers to switch from the messenger to its new group messaging service Squirrel instead.

The company said that Yahoo Messenger will no longer be supported after July 17. The change will have no effect on your Yahoo ID for other Yahoo services, such as Yahoo Mail. Notably, Oath also shut down AIM, AOL's equivalent messaging app, in October.

Oath didn't immediately respond to request for comment. Yahoo Messenger users will have six months to download their chat history. Now they're aiming for Yahoo Messenger, one of the original chat services. Yahoo, which Verizon acquired previous year and folded into a new holding group called Oath, gave no precise reasons for sending Yahoo Messenger to the grave.

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However, speculations are rife that competition with newer apps like Snapchat, WeChat, and Facebook's WhatsApp and Messenger could be a major factor. It launched in 1998 as Yahoo Pager and it was a popular messaging service at the time. Since then you can use it as usual, however, after that users won't be able to access the chats or use the service. The most notable among them was the Unsend feature, which allowed users to retrace their footsteps and undo sending messages. "You can request an invite at". There was a time when Messenger meant Yahoo Messenger.

The company said that while the service has "many loyal fans", it will abandon the chat app in favor of newer messaging tools "that better fit consumer needs".

One Twitter user said they even met their wife while using Yahoo Messenger. In 2017, Verizon purchased Yahoo and set up Oath as the holding company.

Yahoo Messenger is shutting down this July