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IHOP is changing its name to IHOB. What does that mean?

10 June 2018

Whatever the chance, IHOP - or IHOB - promises that pancakes will be a year round fixture.

DINE Brands, which operates both the IHOP and Applebee's restaurant chains, said in the most recent fiscal year, IHOP stores generated sales of $3.3 billion.

What do you think the "B" stands for?

IHOP says it's changing its name to IHOb, and it will explain why on Monday. Now, we're flippin' our name to IHOb.

People are sharing ideas for what the "b" could stand for, ranging from bacon to brunch to breakfast to butter.

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The IHOP label is turning around its "p" for pancakes into "b" for what the company plans to unveil Monday. Its curious customers would have to wait until June 11 to find out. So, that means that for many Arabs, IHOP has always been known as IHOB.

However, perhaps in an effort to allay some fears, the IHOP Twitter account shared a cheeky video instructing consumers how to pronounce the new name.

The post has sparked fierce debate as thousands hop onto the social media platform to take part in discussions about what the mystical "b" in the name change could stand for. And yes, this entire thing could very well just be a publicity/bublicity stunt by the breakfast chain, which has 1,671 locations in the U.S.

"Hey IHOP ... in that case, I'd recommend redesigning your logo, because now it says, visually, "International House of Tampons", one person tweeted".

IHOP is changing its name to IHOB. What does that mean?