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Doug Ford to transition to power in Ontario over next three weeks

10 June 2018

The Progressive Conservative Party, led by populist Doug Ford, is on track for a sweeping victory in Canada's most populous province, Canadian networks projected on Thursday, as Ford declared the province is "open for business".

"The NDP has been flogging their carbon tax now for the past two years, spending, I think, $9 million tax dollars promoting it to Albertans", Kenney said.

In his victory speech, Ford paid an emotional tribute to his younger sibling, saying: "I know my brother Rob is looking down from heaven".

The Liberals, who have been in government for the past 15 years, could drop to single-digit seats in the legislature, losing official party status. "This is the busiest time of year for schools with culminating activities, assessments and exams, and more than 5,000 teachers have made citizenship education a priority", said Taylor Gunn, President and CEO of CIVIX.

In her third campaign as leader, Horwath clung tight to the hard left. It's a serious achievement for the party, and for Horwath personally, after two prior disappointing election results.

That's the Election Day mix in California's high-stakes primary on Tuesday, and it means the results in some key races could take days - or even weeks - to determine.

"I don't really see why the NDP would want to give anything to the Liberals now.memories are long in politics", Malloy said.

"We're notorious here for being slow", said Bill Carrick, a longtime Democratic consultant in the state.

"I had the mail-in ballot but I don't know where I put it", Wrightsman said.

Hamilton admits he struggled in Canadian qualifying
Red Bull's Max Verstappen snapped after he was repeatedly asked about the crashes he has been involved in recently. I wasn't really happy with the auto , we had some problems and I couldn't get the rhythm.

Wynne admitted last weekend that her party would lose the election, but urged supporters to vote for her candidates to prevent her rivals from winning a majority.

Still, Horwath would prove highly effective as Opposition leader, observers said.

His campaign proved that, when the drive to dump the incumbent and all things status quo goes visceral with voters, there's no need for a lot of campaign substance.

People are exhausted and resources are thin following the campaign, he said, and the party would do better to bide its time. Relatively few Tory MPPs in their newly elected caucus have any experience in cabinet (though there are some), and they're quickly going to learn the difference between vague, uncosted electoral promises and the brass-tacks accounting reality that's required of the country's second-largest finance ministry to consume the next four years. Anyone wearing such campaign slogans will be asked to remove or cover them while they are in the polling place.

Taking advantage of the mail-in voting process is excellent insurance against something unexpected happening on Election Day.

If the Liberals want a "seasoned hand" to act as the party's caretaker, legislator Michael Gravelle would be a good choice and is respected within the party, he said. They don't get representation on legislative committees.

Successful primary candidates will be able to represent their party in the general election on November 6.

"It'll have to start with a new leader". So, although I've lost this election tonight, I have not in any way lost my passion for continuing this work.

"The key question for several of these races is not who the victor is, but who the number two is", said Jack Pitney, a political science professor at Claremont McKenna College.

Doug Ford to transition to power in Ontario over next three weeks