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Stories of destruction at wake of Volcano of Fire in Guatemala

09 June 2018

Before-and-after satellite photos show the destruction wrought by deadly flows of super-heated materials and debris from Sunday's eruption of the Volcano of Fire in Guatemala.

The suspension of rescue efforts around the volcano may be lifted if conditions on the ground improve, CONRED said.

Subsoil temperatures hit up to 700 degrees during the height of the eruption, and now the search is well under way clearing the rubble of shattered homes, looking for bodies. The rebuilding task is enormous. But there have been reports of bodies recovered throughout the day Wednesday.

Satellite pictures published on Wednesday showed a lava- and ash-ravaged landscape in southern Guatemala after Fuego volcano's calamitous eruption, which has killed at least 99 people. Their chances of having survived in the superheated pyroclastic ash storm are slim to none.

The search for survivors from deadly eruptions of Guatemala's Fuego volcano was temporarily suspended on Thursday due to unsafe conditions for rescue workers, as the death toll from the disaster climbed to 109, authorities said.

It said it made a decision to suspend the search now that 72 hours have passed.

In the four days since the disaster, no government official had even passed by to collect that information, or lend a hand, he said.

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"We can only work in places where we can stand on the roofs of houses because there is an area higher up that we cannot reach, we tried, but we had to walk on wooden boards", said 25-year-old relief worker Diego Lorenzana. "We're very proud of them", said Raymond Rubio with the Galveston Shriners.

About 10 police officers saw what the family was doing and came to help, bringing more robust tools.

"They are cleaning the highway - the president has commitments to businesspeople". "So, better for us to come here".

At a shelter set up in a school in the nearby city of Escuintla, workers fastened colourful ID bracelets on the wrists of people who are among several thousand displaced by the eruption.

Nohemi Ascon is the 41-year-old aunt of six young children who were killed in Sunday's eruption of the Volcano of Fire.

The charity organization said that the loss of a family's horse, donkey, or mule, makes it very hard for them to continue to support themselves. "We will have to resort to other anthropological methods and if it is possible to take DNA samples to identify them".

"You have a great responsibility over what happened", Congressman Mario Taracena, speaking in the Guatemalan Congress, said of Sergio Cabañas, the executive secretary of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction, also known as CONRED.

Stories of destruction at wake of Volcano of Fire in Guatemala