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UNILAG generates 2.5 tons of plastic waste daily - Official -

08 June 2018

I also invite Canadians to share their ideas on how we can move Canada toward zero plastic waste.

The United Nations, aware that the protection and improvement of the human environment is a major issue, which affects the well-being of peoples and economic development throughout the world, designated 5 June as World Environment Day. "If present trends continue, by 2050", Guterres warned, "our oceans will have more plastic than fish".

Knowledge is power. A person is more likely to conserve the environment when he or she is made aware of the dangers of not doing so.

However, Greenpeace applauded companies which were beginning to eliminate single-use plastics from their shelves and checkouts.

The United Nations warns that 360 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year, and levels are set to nearly double to 619 million tonnes by 2030, with cigarette butts, drinks bottles and caps and food wrappers the most common single-use plastics.

The Prime Minister called on people to join together to Beat Plastic Pollution and make the planet a better place to live. For instance, we resolved the biggest global environment problem of 1980s - the hole in the ozone layer.

The event emphasised the role of schools, colleges and universities in protecting nature and environment as well as beating plastic pollution, stated another official release.

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Sharing the reasons why India was chosen to host the global celebrations of World Environment Day, Solheim pointed out that this was because India is known to be the most populous country and has still been able to significantly reduce its poverty.

"Signing the declaration is a significant and important step towards reducing the amount of plastic that we produce and helping end plastic pollution".

Gujarat has no significant short- or long-term plan yet to "beat plastic pollution".

He said, India is already the 5th largest producer of Solar energy in the World and it is also the 6th largest producer of renewable energy in the World.

He said it would still be hard for Ghana to ban plastic now and the country needed a policy and a legislative instrument for guidance and stress on education, and turning plastic waste to resources and value addition.

Countdown also announced it will phase out plastic straws this year.

Highlighting the theme, "It Takes a Nation to Beat Plastic Pollution", the minister said that "with strong support from all parties, the initiative will succeed in raising public awareness in addressing the use and disposal of plastic bottles". Alongside, Hyundai Dealer Workshops will conduct environment friendly activities to engage and create awareness among the customers & employees for the reduction in use of plastics, usage of LED's that consume up to 80% less energy and Proper disposal of waste material.

UNILAG generates 2.5 tons of plastic waste daily - Official -