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Trump Floats Pardon of Muhammad Ali, Who Doesn’t Need One

08 June 2018

President Donald Trump said Friday he was thinking "very seriously" about pardoning the late boxing champion Muhammed Ali, who refused to be inducted into the army during the Vietnam War and whose conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1971.

Ali's attorney, Ron Tweel, responded to the President's gesture in a statement Friday.

Trump in recent weeks has used his unilateral presidential powers to pardon several people, including another boxing legend in Jack Johnson.

Last week, Trump pardoned conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza.

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"I'm thinking about Muhammad Ali". "The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Muhammad Ali in a unanimous decision in 1971. There is no conviction for which a pardon is needed". "And some others and some folks whose have sentences that aren't fair".

Trump has reportedly become increasingly "obsessed" with pardons and enjoys talking about potential pardons with aides, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. He added, "The pardons are a very positive things for a president".

"If I thought the war was going to bring freedom and equality to 22 million of my people they wouldn't have to drafted me, I'd join tomorrow. If I find - if my committee finds they're unfairly treated, we will pardon them or at least let them out". Johnson spent 21 years in prison on those charges. On Wednesday, CNN reported that the White House was preparing paperwork for at least 30 new pardons, which included a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother serving a life-sentence in prison for a non-violent drug crime.

Trump Floats Pardon of Muhammad Ali, Who Doesn’t Need One