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State Trooper Pulls Over Retired Cop Who Delivered Him 27 Years Before

08 June 2018

Trooper Michael Patterson stopped Matthew Bailly on June 1 for a minor vehicle violation last week, according to the New Jersey State Police's Facebook page. The two men talked and Bailly mentioned he used to be a police officer in Piscataway where Patterson grew up.

Bailly responded to a call that Patterson's mother, Karen Patterson, barely made it home after going into labor while out shopping.

Patterson then extended his hand and replied, "My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me", The New Jersey State Police said in a Facebook post.

The two men got chatting and it emerged that Michael Patterson had grown up in Piscataway, on the very street where Bailly had delivered a baby on October 5, 1991. When Patterson answered, the retired cop told him he was familiar with it. Bailly recalled a curious memory of when he was a rookie cop and delivered a baby there 27 years ago. The child's name was Michael. She was able to make it back to her home where her husband rushed to her aid and carried her inside the house.

Bailly was pulled over Friday because of tinted windows on his vehicle and was advised to correct the problem, police said.

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Poe Place, Patterson said.

Bailly, who responded to the emergency call, was able to deliver Patterson with the aid of a doctor, who was on the phone. Patterson, a native of Piscataway, told the retired cop that was his hometown-then fate took its course. The trooper met the man who delivered him 27 years ago in his family home. Trooper Michael Patterson stopped the police officer who delivered him 27 years ago in Piscataway.

Trooper Michael Patterson (left) standing with retired police officer Matthew Baily (right) at a reunion following the traffic stop. They all felt this story was so uplifting, it needed to be shared, and we agree! But what are the chances that you'll pull over the guy who helped give you life?

Awestruck with the reunion, Patterson and his mother Karen later visited Bailly and his wife to reminisce the miracle delivery and their fateful reunion.

State Trooper Pulls Over Retired Cop Who Delivered Him 27 Years Before