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NASA To Make Big Announcement On Mars Curiosity Rover Discovery This Week

08 June 2018

NASA's Curiosity Rover has apparently made an exciting discovery on Mars, but the space agency is remaining tight-lipped on the potential bombshell until Thursday, leaving plenty of time for speculation. According to NASA, Thursday's debate will take part Michelle Thaler, assistant Director for science communications in the Planetary science division of the Agency.

The key technology for Curiosity's soil sampling is its robotic arm, specifically its robotic hand, which is a complex assembly of sensors, drilling apparatus, and a system for accepting, grading, and conveying soil and rock powder to the laboratories located inside the body of the rover.

The problem with the rover's drill was caused by a faulty motor. NASA will broadcast the discussion on its NASA TV channel, as well as in Facebook Live, Twitch TV, Ustream, Youtube and Twitter. "The media advisory on Thursday's press conference on "new science results" from Curiosity rover states that results are embargoed by Science Magazine - and Eigenbrode's bio is suggestive".

The Curiosity Rover launched from Earth in November 2011 and landed on Martian soil on August 6, 2012.

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"This was no small feat".

Testing of the brand new drilling process and sample delivery will continue to be refined as Curiosity's engineers study their results from Mars. On May 20, the rover took the first rock sample since October 2016. But the resourceful Curiosity team came up with a new way to move the samples - a technique dubbed "feed extended sample transfer", which is more compatible with the FED than the previously used method, CHIMRA (Collection and Handling for In-Situ Martian Rock Analysis).

"The scientific team was confident that the engineers contend - are so confident that we went back to the pattern that we missed before". Two years ago, the rover had a mechanical issue and couldn't drill into the surface, but engineers found a new way to restore that ability. "The gambit paid off, and we finally have an integral sample we've not gotten", Vasavada mentioned.

"We're cautiously optimistic that MarCO-B can follow MarCO-A", said Joel Krajewski of JPL, MarCO's project manager. "It is rather impressive to have a moment such as this, five years to the assignment".

NASA To Make Big Announcement On Mars Curiosity Rover Discovery This Week