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Just Cause 4 confirmed thanks to Steam leak

08 June 2018

E3 is no longer one week of unexpected surprises and show-stopping announcements, but two weeks, with the first completely undermining the second by leaking every new game reveal possible.

It's unclear if the game will release this year or next, but it's definitely coming.

So what does the actual ad tell us?

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In what's seen as another pre-E3 leak, Avalanche Studio's action-adventure title has just appeared on the Steam store, which suggests a pre-order will be available soon. Well, it's called Just Cause 4, mainline protagonist Rico Rodriguez is returning (with his iconic grappling hook intact), and apparently he's caught up in some bad weather? This has led to a rather embarrassing situation as Valve's gaming client Steam accidentally listed Just Cause 4 in their gaming catalog.

E3 is nearly here and we got yet another leak with the reveal of Just Cause 4 from a pre-purchase ad on Steam showing the latest installment of the open-world action adventure series. Avalanche are going to self-publish the game themselves and it'll be out sometime next year. What do you make of this new IP from Avalanche Studios?

Well, hopefully something a little more refined than 2015's Just Cause 3.

Just Cause 4 confirmed thanks to Steam leak