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Alice Johnson Details Kim Kardashian's Call About Commutation

08 June 2018

"Alice has more than paid her debt to society by serving over 21 years of a life-without-parole sentence as a nonviolent drug offender".

For once, it was Kim Kardashian who was starstruck as she walked into the White House to meet with President Donald Trump earlier this week.

Alice Johnson speaks out on "Good Morning America", June 7, 2018, after her sentence was commuted by President Donald Trump.

Kardashian West became interested in Alice Marie Johnson after she saw a Mic interview about her case. "It was wonderful. I'm so glad that she was the one who was able to deliver the news to me". "Everything was going so bad for her, and she got desperate".

Johnson had an emotional reunion with her family Wednesday outside the prison in Aliceville, Alabama, where she served. Trump told Kardashian during their Oval Office meeting that she and her husband were boosting his popularity with African-Americans, according to two people familiar with the matter.

"It was unbelievable because she felt my mother's pain and change in her heart, and to come through and do that for my mom - forever, forever grateful", Scales said.

She says that once Johnson's family joined the call, "the tears never stopped flowing".

It shows the growing severity of the issue
The Minnesota Health Department has increased efforts to identify at-risk communities to help reduce suicides. Researchers say the nation's suicide rate is lowest in Washington D.C. and highest in Montana.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think Kim Kardashian would take my cause on", Johnson said.

Johnson's case was first noticed by Kardashian West when she saw a video about it on social media and made a decision to pay for a new legal team to fight the sentence. Kardashian West was drawn to her case after seeing a video about it on the news outlet Mic.com.

Jones asked Kardashian about some celebrities' unwillingness to visit the Trump White House and the possibility that she was being used as a pawn for political game. In 1993, she was arrested and accused of participating in an operation that trafficked drugs, including cocaine, and was involved in money-laundering.

Johnson had served almost 22 years of a life sentence for a non-violent drug offence.

Trump recently pardoned conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza, who was convicted of a campaign finance violation.

She added, "I hope to continue this important work by working together with organizations who have been fighting this fight for much longer than I have and deserve the recognition".

The president commuted Ms Johnson's sentence as his seventh act of clemency.

Alice Johnson Details Kim Kardashian's Call About Commutation