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A startup sues Apple for copying the Siri Shortcuts logo

08 June 2018

You can also create time windows where your kids won't be able to use their phones at all.

In January, there was news about two major Apple shareholders expressing concerns about iPhone's addictive usage on public health, especially among children.

Apple announced a whole slew of new features for iPhone iOS 12 and the Apple Watch OS 5 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday.

A new Do Not Disturb during Bedtime mode will dim the phone's display and hide all notifications on the lock screen until you prompt it in the morning.

The new Screen Time feature is one of the most significant add-ons with iOS 12. On iOS, you'll see how you and your family use your i-devices to figure out.well, where all that time you spent watching YouTube or scrolling Facebook went.

During Downtime, notifications from apps won't be displayed, and a badge will appear on apps to indicate they are not allowed to be used.

Users can now "fine tune" their notifications and change the settings so that specific notifications only show up in the notifications center and turn other notifications off altogether. Measure App iOS 12 will feature a new app called Measure, which will allow users to accurately measure objects or walls around them.

Argentina Soccer Game Cancelled Over Terror, Not Boycott — Israeli Sports Minister
Demonstrators also chanted anti-American slogans to condemn the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem. It is unclear whether Argentina will play another warm-up, or if it will arrive to Moscow ahead of schedule.

Also, parents can monitor their children's usage.

This will then enable your device to download iOS 12 on your iPhone, just as you would normally download a software update.

This iOS 12 software update includes new extras such as new interactive Memojis characters, improved security and the ability to have a group video chat with up to 32 friends via FaceTime.

According to Apple, group FaceTime will become available when iOS 12 is rolled out. Enhanced voice assistant Apple is enabling greater integration of third-party apps with its highly-acclaimed voice assistant, Siri.

Apple says Safari will prevent share buttons and widgets on websites from tracking users without their permission. We're not merging iOS and macOS, but by the way all the new apps you just saw are iOS apps!

As with all wallpaper images included in macOS, you're probably fine using them as your own personal desktop wallpaper, but they're not licensed for commercial use.

A startup sues Apple for copying the Siri Shortcuts logo