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Breakthrough with new prostate cancer immune system drug

06 June 2018

Professor de Bono said: "In the last few years immunotherapy has changed the way we treat many advanced cancers - but up to now no one had demonstrated a benefit in men with prostate cancer".

The new study involved trial of 258 men, and the trial was conducted jointly by the Institute of Cancer Research, London, and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.

Professor de Bono said: "We are planning a new clinical trial, specifically in men with prostate cancer whose tumours have mutations in DNA fix genes, to see if immunotherapy can become a standard part of their treatment. However, numerous men who was on the verge of death, was able to beat cancer due to this drug and more than 18 months they have not shown any of the signs of secondary cancer of the prostate".

According to ASCO expert Dr. Robert Dreicer, "This study adds to the growing body of evidence showing that black men with advanced prostate cancer who participate in clinical trials have the same, if not better, chances of survival as white men".

De Bono said that while patients with DNA fix mutations responded to treatment, further investigation is still needed to confirm this. They have very short life spans left."Professor Johann de Bono is the director of the drug development cell". While just 5 percent men who were a part of the trail actually saw their cancer to shrink or disappear after receiving the treatment, many of those had heavily mutated cancers.

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"Our examine has discovered that immunotherapy can profit a subset of males with superior, in any other case untreatable prostate most cancers, and these are most definitely to incorporate sufferers who've particular DNA restore mutations inside their tumours". More white patients than black patients had no PSA decline.

They stop cancers turning off the immune system so the body can keep on attacking the tumour.

Unfortunately, only 10 - 15% of the patients responded to immunotherapy, making the approach ineffective for the majority of prostate cancer patients. According to the researchers, the immunotherapy treatment with the pembrolizumab is first of its kind to show beneficial effects to such an extent.

"This new trial has found that testing for mutations in DNA fix genes could be a valuable marker of who will respond".

Black men have a 60 percent higher rate of getting prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is treated in a number of ways, but the more extreme treatments which include surgical interventions may cause physical and psychological side effects.

Breakthrough with new prostate cancer immune system drug