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Plastic bags jam stomach of dead whale

05 June 2018

Rescuers attempted to nurse the whale back to health, but he died on Friday after spitting up five plastic bags.

An autopsy revealed dozens of plastic bags jamming the whale's stomach, weighing 17 pounds in all, the agency wrote on Facebook.

"This plastic rubbish made the whale sick and unable to hunt for food", the department said. Thailand is one of the world's largest consumers of plastic bags. "If you have 80 plastic bags in your stomach, you die", Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine biologist, told The Independent.

The whale vomited five bags during a vain attempt by conservation officials to save it in a canal in Songkhla province.

His post went on to encourage Thais to replace plastic bag usage with reusable bags, writing, "In the meantime, I can only ask, my friend, 'please, don't forget the fabric bag from home'".

The Thai government last month said it was considering a levy on disposable plastic shopping bags.

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Experts believe the pilot whale, which would normally feed predominantly on squid, thought the floating plastic bags were food.

Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam dump more plastic into the oceans than the rest of the world combined, according to Ocean Conservancy, a Washington-based non-profit.

"We can't help her", he said of the whale.

The theme this year is "Beating Plastic Pollution".

In all, more than 17lb of plastic was pulled from inside the whale, indicating how feeding would have become impossible as it languished in a canal on the Thai-Malaysian border. Plastic has been taking lives of a lot of habitat, marine life to be specific.

"We are facing a serious crisis", he said.

Plastic bags jam stomach of dead whale