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Miss America Pageant Ends Swimsuit Competition

05 June 2018

Gretchen Carlson, chairman of the Miss America Organization's Board of Trustees, announced the changes on Good Morning America Tuesday - emphasizing that "it's no longer a pageant, it's a competition".

Carlson, a former Fox News host who won Miss America in 1989, has become a prominent advocate against sexual harassment since settling a lawsuit against executives at the cable news giant in 2016. "We are a competition".

"We are no longer a pageant, we are a competition".

Atlantic City - When the Miss America pageant started in 1921, having young women parade around in bathing suits seemed like a great way to get tourists to come to the Atlantic City Boardwalk after Labor Day.

Miss America, she added, hopes "to be open, transparent, inclusive to women who may not have felt comfortable participating in our program before".

"Miss America announces they will no longer have a swimsuit portion to the competition and cease calling it a 'pageant.' Call me when they decide to up their game for the Interview part", someone else said, pointing out a portion of the competition they deem more problematic.

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It will all be official in time for the September 9 competition in Atlantic City.

The Miss America beauty pageant is scrapping its swimwear segment and will no longer judge competitors on physical appearance. Contestants now will be judged on "who you are as a person from the inside of your soul", according to reports. Carlson added, "That's what we're judging them on now". "We want more young women to see this program as a platform upon which they can advance their desire to make a real difference and to provide them with the necessary skills and resources for them to succeed in any career path they choose". "Miss America will represent a new generation of female leaders focused on scholarship, social impact, talent and empowerment", Carlson said.

Miss America, America's favorite shitshow of a competition, has decided to make a radical change.

"In the climate of #MeToo, I think it's a really wise decision", she said.

"Thousands of women have been inspired to know that they can stand up and speak up and their voices will be heard", Carlson said.

Miss America's board is now led entirely for women in the first time in its history, after three previous bosses stepped down when leaked emails revealed that they'd made insulting comments about previous contestants' weight and sex lives.

Miss America Pageant Ends Swimsuit Competition