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Wynne's concession 'difficult' but 'honourable,' local Liberal candidates say

04 June 2018

Meanwhile, Windsor-Tecumseh candidate Remy Boulbol said in a written statement that Wynne has been an "inspiration to me as a woman looking to enter politics", and that the Liberal platform remains best for Ontario.

Former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman has endorsed PC Leader Doug Ford and his team seven days before the province's voters head to the polls to choose their next government. "It's pretty rich for a premier who has lost the confidence of a majority of the people of this province to say she knows what is best". "The reason is the strenght of the government's response and the kinds of things that Premier Wynne has done". Because, as I've said, it's not about me.

An emotional Kathleen Wynne admitted today that her governing Liberals will lose the Ontario election on Thursday.

Up in Parry Sound-Muskoka, Liberal candidate Brenda Rhodes says she's received a lot of support from constituents, which fuels her commitment to fighting for a seat at the legislature. They don't trust the choices he would make. This is a man who has defended candidates who speak ill of others - who smear people due to their religion or gender or sexual orientation.

She would not say what her political future will be or whether she will remain as party leader after the election.

Wynne, who has been making her own last-ditch appeal to both Liberal and NDP voters to go with her as the voice of pragmatic experience, has also tried to frame the election as between her and Ford's Progressive Conservatives - despite polls suggesting the Liberals are trailing badly.

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Wynne said whichever way the vote goes, people should hope for a minority win to keep the government "from acting too extreme - one way or the other". And for the countless other families working hard, contributing so much to our communities and counting on government to make their lives just a little bit easier, their load just a little bit lighter, their futures just a little bit brighter.

By voting Liberal you can keep Doug Ford - and the NDP, from having a blank cheque.

Horwath says she gets a sense that people want change, and after Thursday's election the government will look different than it has in the past two decades. He told reporters his attention is only on winning government, saying his party is taking nothing for granted.

"I believed we had a good shot at this ..."

A senior campaign official said Wynne started thinking about the move after her hope for a bump in polling following the last debate didn't materialize and it became clear the Liberals couldn't win.

Cochrane explains that the Liberals and New Democrats have offered "virtually identical" policies in recent years, which means many traditional Liberal supporters are "primed to vote NDP".

Wynne's concession 'difficult' but 'honourable,' local Liberal candidates say