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Bethesda Teases New Fallout Release

30 May 2018

While the "Please Stand By" imagery is synonymous with Fallout to Bethesda, it's unclear what this tweet is referring to.

What that could be is unknown, although it follows the same pattern of how Fallout 4 was first teased.

Bethesda is teasing a Fallout game on its Twitter account. Let's figure it out.

It seems much too early to expect Fallout 5, especially as there's no sign of a new The Elder Scrolls, so the best guesses are either a remaster or some kind of spin-off. 2018 is the 10th anniversary of Fallout 3, which originally appeared on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in October 2008. Typically, these images are usually in black and white.

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There's no current indication that it is a new game, but it's certainly going to build hype around the idea.

We'll keep you updated should Bethesda Game Studios reveal any new information. It's possible whatever this tease is for, we could be playing it by the end of the year.

We'll know soon enough and the full reveal is likely due at Bethesda E3 showcase on Sunday, June 10 6:30 PM (local time), Monday, June 11 2:30 AM BST. The developer's publisher, Bethesda, then took to a live Twitch stream featuring a static Pip-Boy bobblehead, blue and yellow balloons, and a hand puppet to build anticipation while their audience grew to upwards of 148,000 viewers. Are you excited for something Fallout-related at this year's E3?

Bethesda Teases New Fallout Release