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'Boozy' passenger brawls on flight after he's cut off

28 May 2018

An American Airlines passenger was arrested after he started cursing and throwing punches at a flight attendant on a flight from St. Croix to Miami. When the attendant opened the door to check, Felix slammed it back shut and relocked it. The flight attendant successfully separated them during the dust up.

Another man had the aisle seat.

The flight attendant had no choice in refusing to serve the inebriated Felix more beer after suspecting he was drunk.

The incident happened last Wednesday on a flight from the U.S. Virgin Islands to Miami. He said he knew Felix there - or at least knew of him by reputation, which was apparently not good, and whatever had agitated him in the bathroom did not bode well for the rest of the flight.

Stunning footage reveals the person - named in courtroom papers as Jason Felix - screaming "no, I'm not going to loosen up" earlier than spitting BLOOD on a fellow passenger. "We will be there in an hour".

"You need to please sit down, I'm not bringing you more beers", the flight attendant said. We will be there in an hour.

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But Felix kept arguing, waving his arms in the attendant's face.

Felix then said to the flight attendant, "You're my bartender?" He said he caught sense the tension on the flight increasing so he pulled out his phone. He was then taken into custody by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, since the incident took place on a plane.

A man in a blue plaid shirt can be seen standing behind Felix, appearing to wait for the opportunity to pass him.

In a statement American Airlines issued to ABC News, they thanked the flight crew for taking care of the other customers onboard and praised them for how well they handled the situation.

In a series of videos, the flight attendant is trying to calm down Felix and attempts to have him sit down for the remainder of the flight.

'Boozy' passenger brawls on flight after he's cut off