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PayPal to soon integrate with Google services

27 May 2018

U.S. users will then be able to select PayPal as a quick option at checkout, including on peer-to-peer payment platforms like Google Pay.

Payception: The receiving (left) and sending (right) ends of a peer-to-peer payment made using a Bank of America account through PayPal via Google Pay. Upon linking your PayPal with Google, no login is necessary, and you'll immediately be able to utilize the money transfer service on platforms such as Gmail, Google Store, Google Play, and YouTube.

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PayPal has announced it is extending its partnership with Google across the search giant's ecosystem, with the aim of enabling more seamless payment experiences for US users. Do you use PayPal daily or even weekly? PayPal announced this new feature in a press release (via TheStreet).

PayPal has been working with Google for some time already, and the service has been a payment option in Google Play for a number of years. For Google, it will mean that users are less likely to leave Google sites to complete a transaction, potentially never to return; and will give users one more option for how to pay for things, making Google's own sales more likely to be completed rather than abandoned. The company is focused on giving the "unbanked" a pathway to contribute to the digital economy, especially as companies like Uber and Airbnb require digital payments, per The Wall Street Journal. However the good news for PayPal users is that if you wanted to keep using PayPal across Google's other apps and services, you now can as both companies have recently announced that they will be deepening their partnership. As there is support for any service that makes use of Google Pay, users will also be able to make peer-to-peer payments. This was back when Google Pay didn't exist, but was instead known as Android Pay.

PayPal to soon integrate with Google services