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The great internet debate: Yanny or Laurel

17 May 2018

Several classmates posted the audio to Instagram and Reddit, and it went viral from there.

He says one theory for the two words is auditory perception.

Circulating elsewhere on the internet was the line: "Man Calls Girlfriend "Yanny" During Sex, Swears He Said "Laurel". "And Laurel, I hear Laurel, and that sounds like very a low kind of deep voice". She seems to be, understandably, Team Laurel.

The debate rings similar to that of "the dress" from the early months of 2015.

Goetz also says if people listen on different devices they can hear different pitches and notice different sounds.

"Part of it involves the recording", said Brad Story, Professor of Speech, Language and Hearing at The University of Arizona. "And that in itself allows there to be some ambiguity already". "That could have to do with your hearing or it could also have to do with what you're listening to it on".

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So, on Wednesday, the Dallas Cowboys made a decision to get in on the action, posting their own "Yanny vs. Laurel" video on Instagram.

She said she hasn't listened to the altered versions of the clip, but has instead been studying the spectrograms, which are visual representations of acoustic sounds.

OK, so what does that all mean?

You might already know that the scientific reason for why some people hear the (correct) word, "laurel", while others hear the word "yanny" is a bit up in the air. Buzzfeed did some digging and was able to find out from the original poster that the clip is saying the word Laurel, not Yanny. "C'mon. How many Laurel fans here huh?"

"If you hear Yanny and not Laurel I don't trust you", user Quincy Quarter-Zips tweeted.

The great internet debate: Yanny or Laurel