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Ocala teacher accused of drowning raccoons during class

17 May 2018

A high school teacher in Ocala, Florida, has been put on paid administrative leave after a student claimed he forced pupils to help drown two raccoons and an opossum during class and shared video of the incident. "It's disgusting, and I can't imagine it occurred in school".

A Florida teacher has been removed from the classroom after he drowned "nuisance animals" that had interfered in his agriculture class, reports.

'It made me sick, ' the mother, who asked to remain anonymous, told WKMG.

The mother said that Brewton made a decision to kill the raccoons because it ate a chicken that the class had been raising.

The incident is alleged to have happened at the same high school where a student was left wounded in a shooting last month. "It's bad. It still does make me sick to my stomach". "It's bad. It still does make me sick to my stomach", she said, according to Channel9.

ClickOrlando also spoke to a parent who said her son came home in tears over the incident. So they trapped the animals, and then placed the trapped animals inside a garbage bin filled with water.

Florida high school teacher under investigation after shocking video emerges of him drowning wild raccoons in a large bin in front of his students during class
Florida teacher investigated after animals allegedly drowned in class

Marion County Public School spokesman Kevin Christian said it is investigating the incident, describing the teacher's behaviour as "appalling".

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Fee launched an investigation after dad and mom notified the company, in line with FOX51.

Many people who commented on the post expressed similar thoughts. "And that's how they killed the second one". In addition to holding down the drowning raccoons, the students and their instructor would use water hoses to spray the raccoons and opossum in the face in an effort to speed the drowning process. Everyone of you have made mistakes this is one of his.

Another said this is what farmers do when their animals are threatened by predators. Duvi Bruton (Dewie Brewton) on the eyes of the children drowned animals in "scientific purposes".

A third commenter said Brewton is irreplaceable. I think that everyone makes mistakes on a daily basis and he should not be fired because of one mistake out of the 12 Year's he has worked at forest.

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Ocala teacher accused of drowning raccoons during class