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WWE Raw: Watch the best moves here

16 May 2018

Will Roman Reigns start a rivalry with Jinder Mahal?

Instead of Mahal, Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring, and he does not look happy. Reigns demands to be put into the match but Angle turns him down.

Reigns isn't the only babyface struggling to get fans onside. They brawl back to the ring area and Reigns finishes Jinder off with a Superman Punch as officials break it up.

Seth Rollins will continue to defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship as he will be facing Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw. Many chants from the crowd, who stayed hot throughout. Rollins charges and goes for a suicide dive, but Owens catches Rollins and tosses him against the ring post. Alexander has been rolling along as the champ, but after Murphy's win over former title challenger Mustafa Ali on 205 Live, the Australian is quickly lining up to be next in line for a shot at the cruiserweight title.

One of the most anticipated WWE pay-per-view offerings of the year is upon us with the annual Money in the Bank. Some UK indie wrestlers were in Jose's conga line.

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- Raw GM Kurt Angle bumps into Kevin Owens backstage, Owens complains about his loss to Seth Rollins and he wants a rematch.

- Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas defeated Breezango after a double team finisher to Fandango. Kevin Owens advanced to the MITB ladder match to end the show. Boasting uncharacteristic teamwork, Banks, Natalya and Ember Moon locked up the squad as Liv Morgan soon found herself outnumbered and locked in the dreaded Sharpshooter. Finn Balor and Braun Strowman have already qualified from the Raw side for the MITB ladder match, but the other two spots will be filled this week along with plenty of other action.

- Bobby Lashley was the star of an interview conducted by Renee Young last week where the former ECW champion spoke of his family and his childhood. Hence, he promised to bring Lashley's sister to Raw to show a different version of the behemoth. When these two entered a slugfest, Bliss came from behind and hit Bayley with the DDT to get the pinfall win.

We cut backstage and see Roman Reigns beating up Jinder Mahal again.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre had a plan last night, and it involved redirecting the force of nature known as Braun Strowman. Five more competitors are yet to be decided. Sami Zayn ran down at one point and stopped Lashley from getting the win. Rollins picks up Owens and hits him with the revolution knee, and then he climbs to the top himself, and he goes for the frog splash, but this time Owens gets his knees up. The match was made after Rollins announced on Twitter that he was issuing an open challenge.

WWE Raw: Watch the best moves here