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Three, two, one: New ways to control Google Pixel Buds

16 May 2018

Despite significant flaws, I liked them quite a lot in my review, but plenty across tech media did not. It will then switch devices to the new one. There was no way to skip tracks without summoning the Google Assistant, for instance. To enable this, go to the Pixel Buds' settings within the Google Assistant app on your phone and enable double-tap to skip to the next track.

Google says that this update is starting to roll out today and should arrive on Pixel Buds everywhere by next week.

One easy switch: To switch your Pixel Buds connection between your phone and computer, select your Pixel Buds from the Bluetooth menu of the desired device.

With this feature, just triple-tap on the right earbud to turn the Pixel Buds on or off.

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Maybe I'm being too picky, but I wish on/off were active quadruple-tap.

We didn't like the Pixel Buds in our review of them past year, thanks to a confusing Assistant experience, weird charging case, one-fit-for-all sizing, single Bluetooth connection, and the lack of controls like the ability to skip a track without voice.

Still, it's a welcome update - one that might me make start using the Pixel Buds more often.

Three, two, one: New ways to control Google Pixel Buds