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Teacher shot dead after having sex with student

16 May 2018

Rachael Elena DelTondo, a Pennsylvania teacher who was recently suspended from her position after a police report regarding her having an encounter with an underage student from another school came to light, was killed by shooting late Sunday night this past Mother's Day in the Aliquippa neighborhood, just outside of Pittsburgh.

Ms DelTonda is pictured with her partner in 2015. The Beaver County Coroner's Office has ruled DelTondo's death a homicide, saying she died of multiple gunshots to the chest. Police had been called in around 10:30 P.M. local time where they found DelTondo; she was found shot after getting out of her vehicle, with neighbors claiming they heard around 10 to 12 gunshots.

The death has stunned neighbors in the quiet neighborhood and police are hunting for clues to the identity of the killer.

Though she was suspended by Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, DelTondo was never charged.

Brian Hayden, chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, said he was "saddened" by the death.

The report stated that officers were on patrol at around 1.50am on February 6, 2016, when they saw a auto parked near the old Aliquippa Hospital. They noted that "the windows were steamed over and the engine was not running".

Inside was DelTondo and the teen. She insisted they were friends and that she didn't want her fiance to know about the meeting.

Brian Hayden, CEO of Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, said that because he is a mandatory reporter, he had to notify Pennsylvania Childline when he received the email, even though it was about an incident that had happened almost two years earlier.

The email included the police report and a note that DelTondo and the teen had a "relationship" over text messages and Snapchat messages.

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During the confrontation with officers, DelTondo reportedly told police that she and the teen were "friends" and that they were "just talking" because he was "upset". She added that her fiancé did not know where she was, and would only be "mad" if he found out.

No charges were filed against DelTondo over the incident, but the school became aware of the incident after being sent an anonymous email over the story this past October.

The school suspended her a month after the report was emailed around.

Brian Hayden, the CEO of Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, released a statement about DelTondo's death. "We express our sympathy to her family and coworkers and will support them in any way possible in the weeks and months ahead as they mourn her passing".

That information led to a suspension from her teaching job at Pa. Cyber.

DelTondo and her family also made headlines in February 2017 after a dustup with the bridal shop assisting in her wedding planning.

The teacher was planning a big, elaborate wedding with her Italian-American family, which included a $10,000, custom-made dress from a NY designer, CBS Local reported. Inside the auto they found the teenager and DelTondo.

Friends and neighbors said DelTondo was friendly with everyone.

Eventually, they took the salon to court and got a local investigative reporter involved to pressure the wedding dress maker into doing the right thing.

Teacher shot dead after having sex with student