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NINE Opening Credits in LEGO Celebrate the Show's Revival

16 May 2018

Terry Crews has had a rollercoaster week after the cancellation of his hit show "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" at Fox and its subsequent revival at NBC, but at the "Deadpool 2" premiere on Monday, he was in celebration mode.

"Renew 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine.' I only watch like 4 things". "I think we'd love to see it continue - and I don't want those words to come back to haunt me if something changes in the next couple of years".

NBC is perfecting the art of reviving canceled comedies with its pickup of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine".

The cast of the show has also gushed about the renewal on social media. On Friday, fans of the Mike Schur (Parks and Recreation, The Good Place) cop comedy mourned. After news of the show's cancellation first spread, Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda shared his disappointment and love for Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Twitter.

Only two days after the cancellation, due to the widespread support of the Nine-Niners, NBC picked up the show to reproduce it for the sixth season.

Meanwhile, Fox is now airing the fifth season of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" which still has two episodes left before it officially leaves the network.

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It did not take long for NBC to rescue "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" from its untimely death.

It was mostly thanks to fan support that NBC made a decision to give Brooklyn Nine-Nine another chance and order a 13-episode sixth season for the series. It feels like it goes along shows like A.P. Bio, Will & Grace, Superstore, and The Good Place.

At any rate, Samberg seemed truly thankful for the last-minute save by NBC.

Fox, which is carrying National Football League games on Thursday nights this fall, is saving the second season of Seth MacFarlane's "The Orville" and several other shows for midseason. We are so grateful for our fans.

So, in business-speak, it's great that passionate fans got #SaveLucifer trending, but there weren't enough of those fans to make the show competitive enough to stay on the schedule for a fourth season.

"It just felt like a piece of the puzzle that- you know when you finish a jigsaw puzzle and one piece is missing, and you go what happened to that piece?"

NINE Opening Credits in LEGO Celebrate the Show's Revival