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Kia Sportage Ecodynamics+ mild hybrid diesel confirmed for 2018

16 May 2018

Kia Motors is the first manufacturer to offer consumers hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery-electric and 48-volt technology across its model line-up.

The company's plan is to launch 16 "advanced powertrain vehicles by 2025", including 5 EVs, 5 PHEVs and 5 hybrids, in addition to a new FCV in 2020.

South Korean automaker Kia Motors will introduce its first 48V diesel hybrid powertrain later this year.

Kia says the system is compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions, and with the former will reduce Carbon dioxide emissions by up to 4% in the upcoming WLTP test, and by 7% under the current NEDC test. The roll-out of diesel mild-hybrid technology will contribute to the brand's global efforts to improve whole-fleet fuel efficiency. By electronically controlling the MHSG using the inverter, the system switches seamlessly between two modes: "motor" or "generator". In the 1st mode, when accelerating the auto gets up to 10 kW extra electricity, thereby facilitates the work of the main engine and as a outcome decreases the number of harmful emissions. In "motor" mode, under acceleration, it uses battery charge to add torque to the engine to aid acceleration. There'll be a mode for harnessing energy released during braking to recharge the 48v battery and a "moving stop and start" function that can switch off the engine as you're slowing down, before the vehicle has come to a complete halt.

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The new hybrid system will be presented in the second half of the year.

It can even deliver a "Moving Stop-Start" if there's enough charge in the battery. 48-volt battery and portsystem work together with DC / DC Converter.

The system incorporates a 48v battery with a starter generator unit, similar in principle to the tech used current vehicles as wide-ranging as the Suzuki Ignis and the Audi A8. Depending on vehicle, the 48V battery will be located beneath the boot floor, minimising the impact on vehicle practicality. The starter generator is mounted to the engine via a belt, and provides quick starts-so the engine can remain off when the vehicle is stopped-thereby reducing emissions. And because the 48V battery connects to the car's on-board power supply it means a smaller 12v battery and starter motor. If the battery has sufficient charge, the combustion engine turns off automatically during deceleration and braking.

Kia Sportage Ecodynamics+ mild hybrid diesel confirmed for 2018