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American Airlines: No Goats; Trained Mini Horses Welcome

16 May 2018

American will also train its employees on how better to distinguish a support animal from a pet.

American Airlines joins its competitors in clamping down on passengers travelling with emotional support animals.

American is also prohibiting a dozen types of animals from being considered emotional-support animals, including amphibians, ferrets, rodents and non-household birds.

Starting July 1, American Airlines passengers can not bring their goats or hedgehogs, spiders or sugar gliders, or any creatures with tusks, horns or hooves on board as service animals or for emotional support.

"American, like other airlines, has experienced an increase in customers who are transporting a service or support animal onboard our aircraft-more than 40 percent from 2016 to 2017", it said in a statement. Now, the airline is cracking down. Federal regulations allow passengers to bring their therapy pets into the cabin, as long as there is documentation from a licensed mental health professional testifying to the passenger's need. Passengers were previously allowed to provide the documents the day of their flight.

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Under the legislation, people who have mental disabilities who need to travel with emotional support or "psychiatric service" animals may still be able to fly with their animals. Additionally, American Airlines now says that some animals are off limits entirely because they pose a safety or public health risk.

Leave your service insect, hedgehog or goat at home. Unclean animals, or animals with an odor, are banned, too.

These are the animals now also restricted from flying as support animals aboard American Airlines flights per the airline's latest animal restrictions.

More than 10 ten emotional support animals are now banned by American Airlines as the carrier seeks to tighten its rules for passengers flying with animals, including those that growl, lunge and bite.

Miniature horses properly trained as service animals are still in the clear though. Delta said that all passengers attempting to board with a service animal would have to show "proof", 48 hours in advance, that the animal is in good health and has been vaccinated. Under the new policy, American Airlines said it will also enforce a rule that requires proper documentation more than 48 hours before a flight.

American Airlines: No Goats; Trained Mini Horses Welcome