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YouTube TV app gaining voice remote feature

15 May 2018

But sadly, the new feature popped up for only some users and is not available for everyone.

One of the early features the company promised is a reminder in the YouTube app for users to take a break after a set amount of video watching.

This allows users to control the app using voice commands.

The new offering is combined efforts of YouTube TV and Google Home, as they were working together since last October to offer voice control over your live TV.

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This doesn't apply to YouTube TV on devices such as Roku or Android TV, but it will control content playing on your mobile device as well as casting content (you can even cast with a voice command).

Google is surprising some YouTube TV subscribers with a new feature to start the week.

Select the microphone icon anywhere you see it in the YouTube TV app.

For example, you can use your voice to change channels, play a particular channel, perform forward and rewind operations as well as adjust volume. Google has actually had a support page out about this feature for quite some time, but it never actually flipped the switch on the feature until now. We'll keep an eye out for it landing on more devices.

YouTube TV app gaining voice remote feature