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NES Classic & SNES Restock Hits Store Shelves This June

15 May 2018

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There were rumors afloat for a while that Nintendo is working to re-launch the re-launched NES Classic which it has initially introduced in November 2016. We tell you this because a few minutes ago, the Japanese company announced the official re-launch date of its first mini console. Since there's such a high demand for these retro mini consoles, it makes sense that Nintendo would pursue a re-release of the hardware rather than extend the virtual service.

Nintendo has announced plans to revive the NES Classic this summer.

But that's not all, unlike the previous release, this time Nintendo says they're releasing enough consoles so that they will be available until the end of the year.

We've known that the NES Classic Edition was making a comeback for a while now, but Nintendo has finally confirmed exactly when that will be. This was partly due to poor supply from Nintendo.

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The console will be sold for $59.99.

Unfortunately, by mid-2017, the NES Classic Edition was as rare as a legendary Pokemon.

Although Sam doesn't show any games actually running on the Switch, his short video shows the SNES Classic interface in all its glory. Retailers will hopefully keep these practices in place so that other consumers get a shot at buying the console. We know Nintendo too well by this point to not be suspicious of them pulling another stunt like that.

If you're planning on purchasing a retro Classic Edition, do so on June 29. The NES Classic includes 30 titles from the Nintendo Entertainment System including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. For a full list of games, check Nintendo's site here.

NES Classic & SNES Restock Hits Store Shelves This June