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'Last Man Standing' gets second life at Fox

15 May 2018

Multi-camera comedy Last Man Standing, starring Tim Allen, has been revived for its seventh season by Fox, after the show was axed by ABC past year. "Now we get the news from FOX that it's time to get back out on that diamond - hell yes, I'm excited", Allen said in a statement announcing the revival. We tried to move Last Man Standing over previous year when ABC decided not to move forward.

"It's a really amusing show", she said. "Ultimately, we felt like we didn't have the exact right place to schedule it this year".

Fox execs always felt, she said, that ABC, "for whatever reason" had not prioritized the comedy series, which was produced at Fox. "We were emboldened by Roseanne". Also, Last Man Standing is easier for new viewers to follow than Brooklyn Nine-Nine's serialized comedy.

LA to Vegas is the only single-camera comedy left standing at the network after a bloodbath of cuts last week, including the cancellation of The Mick, The Last Man on Earth, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The decision to give Brooklyn 99 the ax stemmed from Fox's new Friday night lineup, which the network looks to fill with more new shows.

And here's my story about the broadcast networks' fall TV announcements coming this week and list of canceled/renewed shows so far. "We didn't have the right opportunity".

Walden said the opportunity to revive "Last Man Standing" was a no-brainer.

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Of course, those rumors mean little after ABC's success with Roseanne- despite controversy over star Roseanne Barr's unwavering support for President Trump.

All things considered, it's not a huge surprise that Fox wanted to bring Last Man Standing back, and not just because the network was apparently ready to let many of its other comedies go. "Is there any other show in history that has not only retained its audience but has beaten most other comedies of its type that has been canceled as abruptly?"

As if that news wasn't surprising enough, Allen took to Twitter to be among the first to share Fox's new teaser trailer for Season 7, the first on its new network.

The midseason for Fox will feature a live January production of "Rent", and two new dramas, medical thriller "The Passage", with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and "Proven" Innocent, a legal series about wrongful convictions.

Looks like we're about to find out.

Whatever the case, FOX may also reap some benefits from the notoriety wielded by the conservative Tim Allen, as well as the fact that most Tim Allen characters are not-so-loosely based upon Tim Allen. The adaptation of Justin Cronin's book trilogy has been in the works for years, and at one time was going to be a movie directed by Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes). I thought reality TV would be good, 'Naked and Really Afraid.' And the reason I bring that up is because, actually, one of my best buddies - real story - is the editor on 'Naked and Afraid.' And one day I said, 'You've seen enough views of men climbing up dirt without any trousers on, that you actually prefer one to another.' And he goes, 'Yeah that actually happens.

'Last Man Standing' gets second life at Fox