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Microsoft's New Patent Teases A Third, Revolutionary Display — Surface Phone

14 May 2018

Folding phones and tablets are a hot trend, with companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Motorola all said to be working on their own foldable devices. Meanwhile, Microsoft is now rumoured to be developing an all-new piece of hardware that would be a phone with a foldable form factor.

ZTE uses two screens in its folding Axon M phone, but how about a folding device that uses three? Motorola is the latest company to have got its patent for a foldable device approved by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). In this sense, the patents that are emerging about the Surface Phone, from its foldable Courier-like concept before to its hinge-mounted third display today, are encouraging. The cover may also function as a wireless charger.

A few years back, Samsung came up with the concept of foldable smartphones, we are yet to come across any yet. It is possible that Motorola might have moved past it.

The side portion of the cover features a small upright edge to enable you to easily carry the device.

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What's not as common are devices with three displays, but a new Microsoft patent shows off the possibility, and the display is not in what might be considered a typical position as it's located on the device's hinge. In other words, what you see on the hinge screen will depend on whether you have the device opened fully in tablet mode, "tent mode", or have the screens opened like a book. As per the patent application, the information found on the third screen depends on the state of the hinge. The device can transform into a tablet when extended.

Presently Microsoft has filed four patents for foldable smartphones implementing Windows 10 that would be groundbreaking and state-of-the-art. The phone would likely have a versatile build making it possible to be used in the phone configuration, the completely unfolded tablet configuration, and a third configuration where the phone screen could be propped up nearly like it had a kickstand that would make it ideal for watching video hands-free.

This will be materialized by 2019 with the foldable smartphone to be released in 2018 to be named Andromeda CShell.

Microsoft's New Patent Teases A Third, Revolutionary Display — Surface Phone