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Texas doctor grows new ear on soldiers forearm

13 May 2018

Burrage was told by doctors that if she had gone 30 more minutes without receiving medical attention, she would have bled to death.

A soldier who almost died in a auto accident has a new ear thanks to an interesting plastic surgery procedure.

Army doctors conduct a total ear reconstruction surgery for the first time to help a soldier who lost her entire left ear in an accident.

"As a young active-duty Soldier, they deserve the best reconstruction they can get", he said.

But the now-21-year-old is on the path to recovery. A few years later, an ear was grown in the arm of a Chinese man who had been in a auto accident, according to China Daily. Evidently, the front tire of the vehicle she was driving blew up, sending the auto to skid for 700 feet and flip several times.

"The whole goal is by the time she's done with all this, it looks good, it's sensate, and in five years if somebody doesn't know her they won't notice", Lt. Col. Owen Johnson III, the chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the medical center, was quoted as saying in the statement.

Using cartilage from her ribs, they carved it into the shape of an ear and placed it under the skin on her forearm to let it grow. In 2012, a female shed her ear to cancer cells as well as expanded a substitute under her lower arm skin, ABC News reported. Her vehicle skidded and flipped several times, according to the army's statement.

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The surgeon elected for a prelaminated forearm free flap, which "involved placing the autologous cartilage into the patient's forearm to allow for neovascularization", according to the blog post.

"I was on the ground, I just looked up and (my cousin) was right there". And also as a result of a treatment hailed as the "initial of its kind" in the Military, an ear was rebuilded and also "expanded" under the skin of her appropriate lower arm, inning accordance with the Military. "Then I remember people walking up to us, asking if we were okay and then I blacked out", Burrage said on the U.S.

"I didn't want to do (the reconstruction) but gave it some thought and came to the conclusion that it could be a good thing", Burrage said.

"I didn't lose any hearing and (the surgeon) opened the canal back up", said Burrage.

Since the ear has all new veins, nerves and arteries it will be able to feel and hear the same as if it was original ear. "I was just scared at first but wanted to see what he could do".

Now that the ear has been transplanted, Burrage will undergo further surgery to cover scar tissue on her head, according to the statement.

As for Burrage, she has two more surgeries left and says she is feeling optimistic about her future.

Texas doctor grows new ear on soldiers forearm