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England local elections: May relieved, Corbyn questioned and Lib-Dem surging

06 May 2018

May has been struggling to deal with one crisis after another, many of them related to the negotiations over the withdrawal, but mixed results from across the country meant the Opposition Labour Party failed to achieve the big, if symbolic, gains it was hoping for. In Barnet it needed to gain just one seat to take control, but instead the Conservatives became the majority party in the borough. They also held on to Kensington and Chelsea, despite heavy criticism over the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The Conservatives gained control of councils in Peterborough, Southend and Basildon, and saw a small swing in their favour outside the capital. The party has been left with 74 councils, the same number as before the election.

Labour councillors celebrate in Trafford, after Conservatives lost overall control over the council.

They dropped back, relative to Labour, in the general election.

Adam Langleben, who lost his seat in High Barnet, told MailOnline that planned event for tonight has been cancelled but Mr Corbyn should still come in order to apologise for his failure to tackle anti-Semitism. The Tories don't have sufficient support to create a majority government, and Labour could probably only just scrape together a coalition with the Greens and the SNP, if there was a snap election tomorrow.

Despite retaining overall control, the Conservatives lost individual seats in Westminster and Wandsworth.

Britain's local elections were declared a draw Friday night after results came in from towns and cities across England.

"Last year Labour showed the difference we can make in a full national campaign". After losing his seat, he tweeted: "We must NEVER have another election like this". I am extremely grateful to members of the Jewish community who cast votes for Labour. "That should shame us".

The matter was settled: Mr Corbyn had won Labour's civil war and the moderates were in the retreat. "This defeat wasn't yours".

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Zidane also scoffed at suggestions that he could field a weaker team with one eye on the Champions League final. Keylor Navas was great, he saved Real Madrid on many occasions".

Party chairman Brandon Lewis said the Conservatives did better than expected.

With results in from 149 of 150 councils Labour had a net gain of 61 seats but a net loss of control of one authority while Tories suffered a net loss of two councils and had 93 fewer councillors.

But Mr Campbell blasted the Labour leader's team for a "terrible complacency about their attitude to politics".

As the dust settled Labour's Chukka Umunna called for his party's ruling National Executive to set up a "proper post-mortem", warning the results could not give it confidence it would win the next General Election.

A spokesman said: 'As Jeremy Corbyn has strongly stated, Labour is committed to challenging and campaigning against anti-Semitism in all its forms.

In Wandsworth, where the Conservatives hung on to control, May was in a more buoyant mood.

"People are desperate for a voice that isn't a right-wing Tory Brexit voice or a left-wing Corbynista" - Liberal Democrats' home affairs spokesman Sir Ed Davey.

Sir Edward told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "People are desperate for a voice that isn't a right-wing Brexit Tory voice or a left-wing Corbynista voice".

Last night Sir Mike Penning, former Minister for Northern Ireland, accused the European Union and Remainers of endangering the Good Friday Agreement by trying to revert to a hard border between the Republic and Northern Ireland. Paul Oakley, its General Secretary, compared the party to the Black Death; it kept coming back.

England local elections: May relieved, Corbyn questioned and Lib-Dem surging