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'Walking Dead' star Lauren Cohan to return for Season 9

25 April 2018

Cohan joined the cast of "The Walking Dead" in Season 2 and has played a key and beloved character in the dystopian blockbuster ever since. Shortly after word of the actress' contract with AMC having expired after the show's eighth season, she signed on for a new ABC pilot by the name of Whiskey Cavalier. Maggie Greene, played by Lauren Cohan, has become an emotional, practical, and increasingly powerful player in the Walking Dead narrative, so it was understandable that fans were concerned for Cohan's well-being and Maggie's part to play in the story to come.

Regardless, we have the confirmation thanks to EW: "I'm going back", Cohan said.

Concerns about her role arose earlier this year over a salary dispute, after Cohan sought to be paid the same as her co-stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus.

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In recent weeks, Cohan has been locked in contract negotiations with The Walking Dead over a disparity in pay that she was receiving versus some of her male counterparts on the show.

Cohan's CinemaCon appearance wasn't for The Walking Dead, as you might have suspected, but rather for Mile 22, an upcoming action-thriller directed by Peter Berg that stars Cohan opposite Mark Wahlberg. Her pilot at ABC still hasn't been picked up to series so there's no telling if that will even more forward at this time and there's always a chance based on filming schedules that she could do both series simultaneously.

Although Cohan has not publicly confirmed whether she got her payday, at least fans will see how Maggie's relationship with Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) pans out after their refusal to kill her husband's murderer, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Still, once the show launched that storyline in the Season 8 finale, they really needed Lauren Cohan on board to follow through with it in Season 9. The status of Whiskey Cavalier is unknown at this point.

'Walking Dead' star Lauren Cohan to return for Season 9