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Doug Lamborn promises he'll appeal in effort to get onto primary ballot

24 April 2018

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled on Monday that Republican incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn can not appear on the fifth congressional district's primary ballot.

Lamborn doesn't have another way of getting on the ballot, as the state Republican assembly has already passed.

DENVER-The Colorado Supreme Court rocked the state's political establishment Monday by throwing six-term GOPRep. They argued Lamborn's campaign hired a company that contracted with petition circulators who did not technically live in Colorado at the time they tried to persuade enough Republicans to sign petitions for Lamborn. In its ruling today, the state's highest court said the lower court was wrong to rule Lamborn should be on the ballot.

The attorney who brought an action to have Doug Lamborn removed from the primary ballot met with reporters on April 23 to essentially take a victory lap after the Colorado Supreme Court deemed 269 signatures collected by an out-of-state circulator ineligible on Lamborn's petitions. Since the court tossed the signatures gathered by Tipple, Lamborn is now below the required number of signatures necessary to make the ballot by 58 signatures. "Therefore, the Secretary may not certify Representative Lamborn to the 2018 primary ballot for CD5".

"We recognize the gravity of this conclusion, but Colorado law does not permit us to conclude otherwise", wrote Judge Brian Whitney in a decision released Monday afternoon, the Post reported.

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His first campaign for the 5th Congressional District, based in Colorado Springs - and reliably red - was backed by the conservative Club for Growth. "The dismissiveness with which Doug Lamborn has treated this case is indicative of the dismissiveness with which he has treated Colorado election law". Lamborn last faced a primary election in 2008. The plaintiffs appealed that initial ruling.

The Secretary of State's office indicated the congressman could ask a federal court to weigh in and try to get him on the ballot.

The supreme court's ruling said it would not address the constitutionality of the residency requirements. The path to regain ballot access after losing it is trickier. State Sen. Owen Hill was the only candidate to go through the congressional district's assembly, earning 100 percent of the delegates' support.

His campaign spokesperson, Dan Bayens, said they expect to appeal the ruling at a federal level. "If you can't be trusted to oversee a signature-gathering operation without committing fraud, why on earth should Coloradans trust you to hold elected office?" Glenn had announced a primary challenge to Lamborn late previous year. Stephany Rose Spaulding is the lone Democrat seeking the seat.

Doug Lamborn promises he'll appeal in effort to get onto primary ballot