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Britain must stay in European market

24 April 2018

As well as this 51% said Britain should continue to be part of the single European market.

Only slightly more than a third (35 percent) thought we were better off outside.

Compared to Remain supporters, twice as many Leave backers said in the survey they would switch sides if a second referendum were held tomorrow - indicating a re-run ballot could see the United Kingdom choosing to stay in the European Union after all, by a tight majority of 51 to 49 per cent.

Of the YEP readers surveyed, 36.6 per cent voted Remain in 2016's referendum, with 32.7 per cent backing Leave.

More than three-fifths (64 per cent) of those surveyed said they were not happy with the status of Brexit negotiations at the moment, with just a fifth (18 per cent) saying they were happy.

Michael Olson, 61, of St Ann's, voted leave and said he was anxious that Theresa May could be replaced by someone new who would not follow through with the decision.

Cllr Jones added: 'I can understand people apprehension about not understanding exactly what the detail of the negotiations are but in a negotiation the one thing you don't do is publicise, in detail, your strategy and negotiating hand because you are then giving a complete unfair advantage to the other people you are negotiating with. The choice was either you stay in Europe, which is not ideal, or you go out into something nobody has any idea how it will work.

Those living in Scotland were most likely to say Britain would be better off economically inside Europe, at 63 per cent, including 13 per cent of Leave voters.

"For the 51%, I'm sure they realized pretty early after the vote: 'What have we done?' The two leaders of the leave campaign then stepped aside".

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Leeds residents cast 50.3 per cent of their votes in favour of Remain in the referendum.

"The Tories are incapable of delivering a Brexit that is good for Scotland or working people across Britain, with some jobs already under threat or lost due to their ignorant mishandling of the situation".

One in 12 Leave voters said they would act differently compared to one in 30 Remain voters.

Four-fifths of those who voted Remain (79 per cent) said they were unhappy, compared to five per cent who said they were happy.

Fran Walker, 26, a regional sales and marketing worker, of Kimberley, voted to leave but now thinks she would not be able to choose a side if there were another referendum tomorrow.

Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool Football Club, said Brexit "makes no sense at all" and Brits should get to vote again.

The older the person, the more likely they were to stick with their voting decision, but not by much.

However, most of those surveyed said they would still stick with how they voted - 89% of people who said they voted in the referendum said they would vote the same way as last time if another referendum was held next week.

Britain must stay in European market