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Why You Suddenly Get Facebook Ads About Things You've Been Speaking About

18 April 2018

Or is it? During his testimony in front of a House committee on Wednesday, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that his company does track internet users who have not subscribed to Facebook.

Beginning in 2011, according to the suit, Facebook launched a feature called "Tag Suggestions", that was powered by facial recognition software that goes through a four-step process to identify faces in pics uploaded to the platform.

The allegations surrounding Facebook reached its peak when it was discovered that Cambridge Analytica improperly gained access to over 58 million user profiles through a Facebook app created by Aleksandr Kogan, a Russian-American psychology professor, said Facebook in a press release.

This could end up costing the company billions.

Facebook said that personal information of as many as 87 million people, a lot of them from the USA may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica. Collecting data about users from other sites. Whether it's because Apple and Google aren't CEO'd by their founders any more, or we've grown to see iOS and Android as such underlying platforms that they aren't responsible for what third-party developers do, scrutiny has focused on Zuckerberg and Facebook.

But testimony from Kaiser on Tuesday said that the number of users is higher because a "wide range" of other Facebook-connected surveys were used to gather data.

He added that the apps and sites are unaware of users and visitor's information, so they differentiate visitors between users and non-users of social media and transfer information to Facebook.

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Politicians and privacy advocates immediately protested the practice, with many saying Facebook needed to develop a way for non-users to find out what the company knows about them.

Facebook said that "most websites and services send the same information to multiple companies each time you visit them".

"If the personal data of United Kingdom citizens who just wanted to buy auto insurance was used by [Banks' businesses] GoSkippy and Eldon Insurance for political purposes, as may have been the case, people clearly did not opt in for their data to be used in this way by Leave.EU". This allows us to give advertisers stats about how many people are responding to their ads - even if they saw the ad on a different device - without us sharing anyone's personal information.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is taking its user privacy show on the road.

Facebook is also making public the answers to 40 questions through a series of blog posts named Hard Questions. Zuckerberg had said that such data is collected for "security purposes", for example to flag unauthorized users trying to log in.

While Facebook users can turn off some data collection used for advertising, it can't stop tracking entirely.

"Other companies suck in your data too" Facebook explained in many, many words today with a blog post detailing how it gathers information about you from around the web.