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U.S. ambassador hits back over Russian sanctions 'confusion'

18 April 2018

"It is right that Parliament has the power to support or stop the government from taking planned military action", he said.

The officials provided the information on condition of anonymity, in line with government regulations.

On Friday, while announcing the strikes on Syria, Trump insisted Moscow had a choice to make.

Syria's United Nations ambassador, Bashar Ja'afari, told the Security Council that the United Nations team went to Douma to decide whether investigators from the worldwide chemical weapons watchdog could safely visit the site.

The inspectors entered Douma on Tuesday after arriving in Syria on Saturday.

On Saturday, tripartite strikes by the US, Britain and France hit three sites in Syria, one in Damascus, and two in the city of Homs, which US President Donald Trump claimed were "associated with the chemical weapon capabilities" of the Syrian government.

Both Syria, which denies any chemical use, and Russian Federation, which provides military support to the Syrian government, have reacted angrily to the action.

On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani condemned the airstrikes over phone, agreeing that the "illegal action seriously damages the prospects for a political settlement" in the war-torn country, according to a Kremlin statement.

She went on to list the evidence that Syrian regime had to be behind the attack, including witness and NGO reports, as well as the fact that the military hardware required for such an attack could not have come from "Islamic State" terrorists or other Syrian rebels. A British source said they did not recognise the account of the phone call.

TNReady problems may be caused by 'deliberate attack,' state says
State education officials say they believe there was "a deliberate attack" on the TNReady testing system on Tuesday morning. Bo Mitchell was getting screen shots of what many students statewide were seeing when they logged on to the TNReady tests.

He spoke at the European parliament on Tuesday, showing signs of anger and sometimes nearly shouting.

Relief organisations say dozens of men, women and children were killed in the attack.

"Do we sit back, do we defend (human) rights by saying, 'Rights are for us, principles are for us, and realities are for others?' No, no!" the French leader said.

"But it was the world saying that we have had enough of the use of chemical weapons, the erosion of that taboo that has been in place for 100 years has gone too far under Bashar Assad", he said.

The West got involved in Syria's civil war as the then powerful Islamic State (IS) movement posed a great danger to the West, expanding rapidly across Syria and neighboring Iraq. "I would quite understandably have faced questions about the legality of our action".

The lab contained chlorine and various ingredients for mustard gas, Russian chemical weapons specialist Alexander Rodionov said in comments carried by state news agency TASS.

How did the air strikes happen?

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Jo Swinson said the decision had been taken "behind closed doors" and much more scrutiny was needed of the objectives behind it. Sites near Damascus and Homs were hit on Saturday by the US, French and United Kingdom in response to the alleged chemical attack on Douma on 7 April.

U.S. ambassador hits back over Russian sanctions 'confusion'