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Pawan Kalyan fans to legal action on Sri Reddy

17 April 2018

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter on Saturday in support of actor Sri Reddy, who has cast a cloud on Tollywood by alleging rampant practice of the casting couch by many powerful men in the industry.

Sri Reddy's protest has sparked a new fire and in the press meet that was held on Sunday (April 15, 2018), other actresses too, opened up about the ill experiences from the film industry in the name of casting couch. She dramatically beat herself for considering Pawan Kalyan like her brother. He was the opinion that Sri Reddy should have taken the legal course rather than sensationalising the issue using media. The other day, she went far and showed middle finger to him and used most abusive word without any provocation. Instead of protesting in this manner on the roads, they should go to the police and say that injustice has been done.

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Actor Pawan Kalyan recently talked about the ongoing Sri Reddy controversy and how women are exploited in the Telugu film industry. Now, let's see how Pawan Kalyan would react to Sri Reddy's comment. "Quite a shocker! Unacceptable!" a fan wrote on social media. The casting couch culture is an unpleasant reality of today's time, and its terrible stories shock us to the core.

She upped the ante after being denied membership to Movie Artists Association and made sexual exploitation allegations against a few celebs including Abhiram Daggubati, the son of leading Telugu producer Suresh Babu.

Pawan Kalyan fans to legal action on Sri Reddy