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We are fans and critics of our own work: Robert Downey Jr

16 April 2018

According to the online move ticket selling portal, Fandango, a few days ago, the film has outpaced the previous 7 Marvel films combined, in the pre-release ticket sales!

With Hulk previously being called the strongest member of the Avengers, it's instantly obvious why it's going to take more than just the Marvel team to take down Thanos and save the planet from a miserable fate.

Marvel fans are lapping up every single bit of promotion material coming from the makers of Avengers: Infinity War the moment is out.

Fortunately, we've got you covered with our field guide of sorts to the characters of Avengers: Infinity War. Some have speculated that it will be Captain America as Chris Evans' contract will end after the next two Avenger films and he reportedly has no interest in renewing it.

In many ways, Doctor Strange felt like the most Marvel movie ever, but if there's one thing that helped it stand out from the pack, it was its visual imagination. We get an awesome assortment of Marvel superhero outfits all neatly lined up with each other, with Scott Lang's red and black Ant-Man suit nestled firmly between Black Panther's vibranium outfit and Black Widow's new combat gear.

Holland admitted that it was tough to film a movie without access to an entire script, but he said that he had complete trust in the Avengers: Infinity War directors. Save your cooties until post post credit scene (s). Thanos, who's wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, has his arm raised and makes a fist, enabling the power of the Power Stone.

Pacers steal mojo and Game 1 from the Cavaliers: 3 takeaways
But with lineups changing on an nearly game-by-game basis over the final weeks of the season, it's been a moving target. The 10th-year pro also demonstrated the ability to hit shots from well beyond the 3-point arc in transition.

Here's a synopsis: As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos.

We know what the basic plot of Infinity War will be, but the surprises and reveals within the film are rife for speculation. Not only is Marvel famed for not excluding details in their trailers, but there is also so much context missing from this clip that its hard to make any scenes of it.

Much has been said about the inclusion of Karen Gillan's Nebula in the movie and her potential role in the film's story.

The new images from Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years, the upcoming book set to hit shelves this November, were released earlier today as part of Marvel's celebration of the first ten years of the MCU.

Architect of the MCU Kevin Feige teased at Brazil Comic Con in December 2017 that Infinity War will begin with a bang.

We are fans and critics of our own work: Robert Downey Jr