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Tax deadline coming soon

16 April 2018

This year's tax-filing deadline is Tuesday, April 17, and 64% of Americans expect to receive tax refunds when they file their returns, according to a recent poll.

If you're doing your taxes yourself and plan to file taxes online, you can fill out Form 4868 to file a tax extension directly through or via your choice of tax-prep software, like TaxAct's online tools or TurboTax Easy Extension. If you haven't filed yet, experts say you need to file for an extension.

Both the Rockingham County Sheriff's office and the Staunton Police Department said they have received complaints from people who are getting scam calls.

IShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia (EEMA) Declines 1.38% for April 15
Zooming in closer, company stock has been -1.80% for the quarter, 0.05% over the past month, and -0.10% over the past week. The simple moving average is a mathematical calculation that takes the average price (mean) for a given amount of time.

Federal prosecutors say Kristyn Daney and Rakeem Scales admitted Friday to preparing a false tax return for an Internal Revenue Service undercover agent three years ago.

Keep good records and be sure to document all of your deductible expenses-you will be surprised at how much you can forget in a few months or a year. 4. Taxpayer Clint Parker said waiting to the last minute worked in his favor. It also includes the fourth quarter estimated tax payment normally due on January 16, 2018. For more information, visit While this is nearly certainly smaller than the actual number of people experiencing these events, it may not be an accurate comparison for the 2017 tax year because of the vast differences in popularity of the cryptocurrency space between those periods.

The most popular planned use of tax refunds, coming in at 43%, is adding the money to their savings. But previous debts to the IRS last until they are fully paid. Many are busy this weekend helping clients file their taxes by the April 17th deadline.

Tax deadline coming soon