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Students rally gun right advocates in Kalispell

16 April 2018

The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans organized 2nd Amendment rallies across the country.

"We're not bad people".

'If you have a building and you take a brick out every so often, after a while you're not going to have a building, ' said Westley Williams, who carried an AR-15 rifle as he joined about 100 people braving blustery weather in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for a pro-gun-rights rally in front of the state supreme court building.

Gun rights supporters gathered at the state Capitol in Atlanta for one of dozens of rallies planned at statehouses across the U.S.

"Today we're coming out, we're supporting our right to bear arms, and it is a very critical thing that we do that because this nation was founded on that", Robert Wood with the Kansas Chamber of Liberty explained.

U.S. Senate hopeful Republican Dr. Albert Olszewski of Kalispell, endorsed by several speakers, made brief remarks at the podium, as did U.S. House Libertarian candidate Elinor Swanson of Billings.

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"I said to her, 'Do you want to defend your rights, or do you want to play?'" Nate said.

This event was not far from a rally in the same place that advocated for stricter gun laws in March. "Adding more laws will not stop shootings but it will increase the weapons trade through criminals".

"I'm a firm believer in the saying that 'If we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns", a woman form Ravalli County responded.

"With the school shootings, my heart goes out, but they're being used as pawns", one woman said, suggesting that other cultural issues such as parenting and video games deserve scrutiny. The former Marine said he fears the current gun-restriction efforts are a precursor to eventual prohibition of all gun ownership. Many held sign demanding gun free zones be eliminated.

"We didn't get 50,000 people but we've got a small group that are here to fight for our rights", he said.

Other attendees and speakers of the event included students, One Million Moms Against Gun Control, and other legislators.

Students rally gun right advocates in Kalispell