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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid leaves for Arab Summit in Saudi Arabia

16 April 2018

King Salman, dubbing the Arab League meeting the "Jerusalem summit", reiterated Saudi Arabia's rejection of the US decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

As we believe that the Arab national security is an integral and indivisible system, we have presented to you an initiative to deal with the challenges facing the Arab countries, titled 'Enhancing Arab National Security to Face Joint Challenges, ' stressing the importance of developing the Arab League and its system.

Sheikh Tamim returned to Doha on Saturday from a US trip where he met President Donald Trump, who had publicly sided with the Saudis and Emiratis early in the crisis, but is now pushing for a resolution to restore Gulf Arab unity and maintain a united front against Iran.

King Salman on Sunday announced a $150 million donation for the maintenance of Islamic heritage in East Jerusalem.

"We reiterate our rejection of the USA decision on Jerusalem", Salman said.

"The Palestinian Cause is our first issue and will remain so until the Palestinian people obtain all their legitimate rights, particularly the establishment of an independent state with East Al Quds as its capital", King Salman said.

Saudi Arabia's King Salman will chair Sunday's summit in the eastern city of Dhahran, home to Saudi Arabia's oil giant Aramco and 160 kilometres (100 miles) across the Gulf from Iran.

'Consequences' for Syria strike: Russian Federation
Both the Russian military and the Syrian government said they would facilitate the mission and ensure the inspectors' security. The government, however, said evacuations from Douma were ongoing and no Syrian government forces had entered the town.

Minister Awad who reached Saudi Arabia on Thursday attended the preparatory meeting on Friday ahead of the Summit.

His comments came just days after his son, powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32, told reporters during a USA tour that Israel also had a "right" to its own state.

Saudi Arabia is pushing for a tough, unified stance against its regional arch-rival Iran.

The two regional titans back opposing sides in a range of hotspots across the Middle East, including Lebanon and Syria and in Saudi Arabia's southern neighbor Yemen.

He welcomed the statement issued by the Security Council, which strongly condemned the launching of Iran-made ballistic missiles by the Houthi militia on Saudi cities.

In February, Russia vetoed a Security Council resolution that would have expressed concern over Iran's failure to block supplies of missiles to Yemen's Huthi rebels.

Earlier, Jordan's King Abdullah, the chairman of the previous Arab Summit, delivered a speech in which he thanked King Salman for the warm reception and generous hospitality.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid leaves for Arab Summit in Saudi Arabia