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Lennie James Thinks Morgan Will Return To 'The Walking Dead'

16 April 2018

What's most surprising is that no one important died in The Walking Dead season 8 finale! It's still somewhat-strange that the character has been kept alive, and it really just seems to be a way in which for him to continue to abuse him every step of the way. Siddiq recounted how he and Carl put down some walkers to free their souls, which is what Siddiq's mother believed. Rick suggested he shouldn't come. He pulls Morgan aside and tells him he should stay behind. However, Rick was wrong in his decision not to kill Negan. The gang headed out into battle, Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) hand-in-hand.

Rick, of course, wasted his last bullets firing on Negan from a distance. Gabriel and Dwight both rush Negan.

Immediately after the battle, Rosita asks Eugene if he is the one who tampered with the guns. "And Jesus, he would not have killed the surrendering Saviors, but he's not Morgan". Then the sound of Savior birdcalls filled the air.

Just as planned, Rick kills the decoy group, and Ezekiel finds the map to lead them to Negan. He's still a good guy! Garret Dillahunt, who plays the lonesome cowboy, was a brilliant casting choice: his comedic background, as seen on Raising Hope, allows him to balance out Morgan's dour outlook with some levity; on The Walking Dead, too often, Morgan got paired off with people who were just as negative as he was. She still punches him, for puking on her when she tried to take him away from the Saviors.

Over at the Hilltop, Aaron (Ross Marquand) and the Oceansiders showed up and Molotov cocktailed the attacking Saviors. Things were not going to end well for Simon, and that was proven at the end of this past episode.

While Maggie wants revenge against the man who made her a widow, is planning a coup against Rick any different than behaving like Negan? Rick actually talked to Siddiq and wanted to know what happened the day that Carl got bit. Rick said that Carl was right, there was another way. We can see why Maggie might have something to complain about when it comes to sparing Negan, but the nature of Daryl's beef (beyond the loss of his friends) is more nebulous. He knew it, too. But with their ability to disguise themselves as stupid, shambling zombies, the Whisperers can catch survivors off-guard and then disappear back into the horde - making them a deadly threat of a kind that Rick and co. have never encountered before, and won't be ready to deal with. Then he tells Siddiq to save him, and Maggie flips out.

After a season of "All Out War" on "The Walking Dead", the battle between Negan and Rick came to an end on Sunday night's big finale.

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Morgan gives Carol his armor and tells her to give it to Henry. He went off on his own.

In the final scene, Rick is "speaking" to Carl.

So long Dwight: While the Hilltoppers were practically singing "Kumbaya" with their former enemies the Saviors, Daryl couldn't let his beef with Dwight go. Dwight was sorry for what he did, but was willing to accept his punishment. Dwight drove to the house where he had found a note from his wife Sherry after she fled the Sanctuary and found another one, with a single word: "Honeymoon". Also, we learned that Jadis' real name is Ann ... so there is that. Negan's attempted ambush-of-an-ambush turned into a bloody mess as all the Saviors' guns malfunctioned, and Negan's gun hand did not make it through unscathed, either. They're going to bide their time and then show Rick and Michonne how wrong they were? Uh oh. Maggie looked like Michael Corleone there. There is no going back, he tells Rick.

Gabriel stands up and runs for it into the woods. It was a memory Carl shared in his farewell letter to his dad. "You made me remember".

Rick asks for 10 seconds for Carl and presents a vision of the two of them working out their differences and living together in peace to stop the bloodshed.

The episode was very final. "The season's story lines culminate in all-out war". But he's all on board with Maggie's plot to overthrow Rick? And that feels true. He says he sent a decoy group of Saviors to the original spot that Dwight told Rick about. Twitter reaction to the episode leaned negative.

Now, hold onto your horses - because Negan's not dead. While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our The Walking Dead recaps, spoilers, news and more, right here!

Lennie James Thinks Morgan Will Return To 'The Walking Dead'