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Stories Facebook to be a new feature

15 April 2018

Facebook has starting rolling out augmented reality (AR) doodles and Instagram's Boomerang feature to stories. One of the provisions of the UK's upcoming Data Protection Bill would require companies to allow its users to easily move their data from one service to another.

With a device's camera, users will be able to create 3D drawings in the world around them, which come to life through AR. It is yet to be confirmed the will Instagram allow the users to download the complete data backup or will it limit to the images and videos uploaded by the users itself.

It's fun intended. The user can add a doodle that is not in the frame and adjust the camera position to see if the markings are in place. Further, the reports from web suggest that the technology behind the AR feature can also sense corners and objects in space, and can also detect walls and tables.

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The feature is only available with a gradient brush as it rolls out over the next few weeks, but Facebook plans to add more brushes. Users will then be able to wrap around their scribbles around the objects, but the technology is still far from ideal. At the moment the wrapping functionality only works in optimal lighting conditions, when the object recognition algorithm detects the presence with assurance.

Also in Facebook-stories want to replace the endless gifty to the function of the boomerang as in Instagram.

However, that does not stop Facebook from trying at all. Bringing additional creative tools to the Facebook Camera could make it a more popular place to shoot content and help the company compete with Snapchat. Facebook also launched AR tracker target experiences which would trigger from QR codes or real-world posters.

Stories Facebook to be a new feature